Black Clover Teases Yuno's New Power Level

Black Clover is now gearing up for the final war of the series overall, and the newest chapter of the series reveals just how much stronger Yuno has become since the fight with the devils in the Spade Kingdom! As much as Asta has grown over the course of the series so far, Yuno has been right there with him as the two rivals see one another as the stronger of the two. This has pushed both of them to higher levels than ever before, and Yuno seems to only be getting stronger heading into the final arc of Yuki Tabata's manga series.

The final arc of Black Clover has kicked off with a bang as Lucius Zogratis had attacked the Clover Kingdom in preparation for Judgment Day, and it was a demonstration of just how much Asta had grown since the Spade Kingdom fights as he mastered his Devil Union in a new way. But his strength was nowhere near enough to stop Lucius for now, and as the Clover Kingdom gets ready to move on without Asta, Yuno could end up being a major player as the newest chapter of the series is hyping up his new level of power too. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 336 of Black Clover sees the Clover Kingdom try to form a new plan following Lucius declaring Judgment Day in seven days time, and Yuno reveals that he had been investigating some devil activity. It's here that he reveals that Adrammelech (who first made their appearance during the fight with Lucifero) and a swarm of higher devils had lured them out as a sort of distraction for Lucius' real move. On the other side of things, Adrammelech updates Lucius on this fight and reveals that Yuno wiped out all of the higher devils "instantly." 

Even going as far as marveling over the fact that a human has grown so much in fifteen months time, Lucius then explains that Yuno will ultimately be one of the key thorns in their side as one of the many possible futures he's seen in action sees Yuno giving the Magic Knights an advantage over his purified Paladin forces. So it further teases Yuno's new strength following the time skip ahead of the final arc, and now it's just a matter of seeing it in action. He's angry over Asta too, so Yuno will definitely be more powerful than ever

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