Black Clover Sets Up Yami Response to Charlotte's Confession

The Black Clover anime might currently be showing no signs of returning just yet, but as the Black Clover manga readies for the final war for the fate of the Clover Kingdom, the newest chapter of the series is setting up Yami's response to Charlotte over her confession of love! The fight against the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad was the Clover Kingdom's previously toughest battle yet, and at one moment in the heated climax, Charlotte actually confessed to a seemingly unconscious Yami that she's been bearing feelings for him this entire time. But the Black Clover chapters since have left her hanging. 

Following a time skip since her confession leading into Black Clover's final arc, Yami was then able to piece together that Charlotte indeed has been having romantic feelings towards him. But when Yami realized this, fans were left hanging as to how he actually feels about her in return. While it's yet to be revealed as to whether or not he reciprocates her feelings, Black Clover's newest chapter sets up that he wants to talk with her about all of it when the Judgment Day war is all over. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Black Clover: Does Yami Love Charlotte? 

Black Clover Chapter 354 sees the Clover Kingdom's Magic Knights position themselves and ready for Lucius Zogratis' incoming attack. As they wait for a few moments, Charlotte tries to explain to Yami that she might have been avoiding him for a while (since her confession) and wants to apologize. Yami tells her not to worry, and even invites her out afterwards. Inviting her to tea (because he knows she can't handle alcohol), Yami then says there's something he wants to talk to her about. Charlotte then agrees to the talk when this is all over. 

This is likely setting up Yami's response to Charlotte's love confession, and while there's still no clue as to what this could be, it's also a pretty big death flag. Now the both of them are in more danger than ever before (especially considering the first of Lucius' Paladins includes Yami's old friend Morgen), and hopefully Black Clover fans will be able to see Yami and Charlotte get to have this conversation when this is all over. Regardless of whether or not that love is reciprocated. 

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