Black Clover Kicks Off Its Final War With a Devastating Injury

Black Clover has been building towards the final Judgment Day war for the fate of the Clover Kingdom through the Black Clover manga's final arc so far, and the newest chapter of the series has kicked off this final war with a devastating injuring to one of the Magic Knight Captains! Yuki Tabata started the Final Arc of Black Clover's manga with Asta taking a major loss to Lucius Zogratis, and thus Lucius took that time to declare that Judgment Day would be coming to Clover Kingdom very soon. Now that time has finally come in the latest chapters. 

The latest Black Clover manga chapters have been working through Asta's final training arc as he's picked up a new technique to use against Lucius while fighting in the Land of the Sun, but this brief period has now passed and the Clover Kingdom is ready for war. Black Clover's newest chapter sees Lucius Zogratis and his forces making his move on the kingdom, and his Paladins have already dealt some massive damage to one of the key allies. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Black Clover: Who's Injured in Black Clover's Final War? 

Black Clover Chapter 354 sees Lucius suddenly appear in the Clover Kingdom, and the various Magic Knight Captains and their forces have posted themselves across various spots in the kingdom. It's here that the Paladins are revealed to be a few characters who Lucius has brought back to life with his power. When someone who looks like Nacht appears by Lucius' side, it takes Yami, Charlotte, and Jack the Ripper a few moments to realize that this is actually his brother Morgen, brought back to life and now brainwashed to be on Lucius' side. 

But when Jack realizes it's Morgen, the brainwashed Morgen quickly activates his Light Magic and immediately cuts through Jack's arm and puts a huge hole through Jack's chest. It's in such an instant that Jack can't react fast enough, and it really sets up Yami and the others for a very tough fight against Morgen considering what kind of powers we have seen the Paladins use in the fights against Asta already. It's certainly emotional too considering Yami's past with Morgen in general. 

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