Bleach Artist Honors Nel in Gorgeous New Sketch

When it comes to Bleach, fans can get whatever updates they can get from the franchise. The series came to a close some years ago when its manga wrapped, but the series is slated to make a comeback next year. The long-awaited comeback plans to reintroduce Ichigo to the world, and in the lead-up, one of the anime's artists is gracing fans with a special gift.

The artwork comes from none other than Masashi Kudo, an animator and character design from the anime. The artist is known for sharing artwork on Twitter with followers. Not long ago, he decided to share a piece of art he did of Nelliel, and Bleach fans are geeking out over the piece.

After all, it has been a while since fans were given an update on Nel. The heroine debuted after the Arrancars made their big debut, but Ichigo met her during an interesting period. The Soul Reaper stumbled upon Nel during his travels to Hueco Mundo, and she was very tiny then. The pair formed a close bond as they traveled into the city center, and once Nel was confronted by one of the Espadas, things began coming together.

It was revealed that Nel was far from a child. In fact, the girl was simply turned into a kid after another Espada felt threatened and humiliated by her power. Nel was able to regain her former power and body after she threw herself into battle to save Ichigo. And now, fans can relive that moment with this sketch.

What do you think of this special Bleach sketch? Who else would you like Kudo to revisit? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.