Bleach's Thousand-Year Blood War Drops New Art For Separation Conclusion

Bleach will bring the second cours of the Thousand-Year Blood War to a close next month and has key art to prove it.

The Thousand-Year Blood War has presented the Soul Society of Bleach with some of the most difficult battles of their long careers. The second cours, dubbed "Separation" due to Uryu Ishida's jump from an ally of Ichigo to Yhwach's right-hand man, will come to an end at the end of next month and has released new key art to get fans hyped. Before Separation's conclusion, expect some mind-bending moments when it comes to the Soul Reapers and their fight against the Sternritter.

The twenty-first episode won't just continue to focus on Kenpachi, who was able to show off his Shikai for the first time, but will also see the return of Ichigo Kurosaki back into the fold. Following his arduous training after he was handily defeated by Yhwach, the substitute Soul Reaper is hoping to lend his fellow members of the Soul Society a hand. Even with the Shinigami managing to reclaim their Bankais, the fight against the Wandenreich is far from over.

Bleach: Separation Concludes

The Thousand-Year Blood War's second cours will end on September 30th, with two episodes airing on the same day. Luckily a third and fourth cours have already been confirmed, though their release dates remain a mystery as of this article. Following the conclusion of the first cours, Studio Pierrot revealed the release date for the Separation, so the same might be true for the second cours finale.

For the twenty-first episode of Bleach's Thousand-Year Blood War Arc, an official description has arrived for the episode arriving today, August 26th, "Kenpachi is struck by Candace's lightning attack for a short time after defeating Gremmy. Aiming at Kenpachi, who is a special force, Minnya, Giselle, and Liltotto. The fierce attack by the four of them destroys the area as they prey on the Shinigami. Rukia and Byakuya sense a change in Kenpachi's spiritual pressure, and at the same time, they sense another familiar pressure approaching from above. Then as if he was waiting for the Lord of Reiatsu to descend into the Soul Society, Yhwach begins to act."

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