Naruto Expands Jigen's Ambush With New Original Content

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations expanded Jigen's ambush on the Hidden Leaf Village with new [...]

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations expanded Jigen's ambush on the Hidden Leaf Village with new original content! Now that the anime is making its way through the Kawaki saga, it has returned to the manga's events. With Naruto defeating Delta, and Boruto and the others preparing for Kara's next move, manga fans were waiting for Jigen to jump into the action himself. So it was a matter of waiting for the other shoe to drop as Jigen made his first real move to retake Kawaki with the newest episode of the series. It just went a little differently in the anime.

Episode 203 of the series sees Jigen use Kawaki's Karma to activate a portal to connect the two of them. This ends up being successful and Jigen not only makes his way to the Hidden Leaf Village, but walks right into Naruto's own home. Unlike the manga, however, the anime takes its time with this big invasion as we get to see. a little more of him in action as Naruto takes him on before moving onto the rest of the manga's story.

Episode 203 of the series sees Jigen using Kawaki's Karma as a makeshift portal to invade Naruto's home. This happens the same way in the manga, but the anime gives Naruto more time to fight with him directly. This allows the anime to show off more of Jigen's terrifying power. We get to see a couple of his tricks in action such as these weighted rods that pin Naruto to the ground, and one tease of a fully powered blast capable of destroying the entire village in one hit.

The original anime content in Boruto tends to get a bad name thanks to the couple of years worth of that content we had seen in between these manga story adaptations, but this newest episode is an example of how the anime is benefitted by that extra time. With the gift of retrospect, the anime gets more room to play with huge moments such as this one. And that's especially true for what's to come next.

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