Boruto Teases Kara's Next Big Battle

When it comes to Naruto, fans were always wanting to know what groups like the Akatsuki are up to, and that curiosity hasn't dimmed for Boruto. The sequel has its own baddies out there like Kara but little information is known on the radical group. Thanks to the manga, new details about Kara are coming to light by the month, and it seems like the group is about to tackle one of its biggest battles yet...

And this time? Well, the foe doesn't come from the Hidden Leaf Village. Kara has to worry about its inner members as Kashin Koji is ready to take down Jigen for a yet-known cause.

Boruto fans have known this showdown has been in the works for awhile, but the most recent chapter of Boruto got the plan into action. The release went out late last week, and readers followed Kashin as he came back to the Kara headquarters and met with a secret ally of his. It turns out Amado is on the same side as Kashin... but fans do not know whether that is a good or bad thing.

boruto kara kashin koji
(Photo: Shueisha)

While Amado made his big escape after disabling the likes of Delta, Kashina was left to fight Jigen. He was given instructions on how to find the leader of Kara, and that was enough to get Kashin moving. Now, the man will be pitted against Jigen in the next chapter of Boruto, and a teaser for the upcoming manga release confirms as much.

"An internal conflict of Kara is approaching," a promo reads for chapter 45. "Kashin Koji vs Jigen?"


The Boruto teaser all but confirms the showdown is on its way, but it could take one or two more chapters to get into the thick of it. It seems like Jigen is too self-aware to not have predicted this coup despite Amado's allegiance being a shocker. There is little doubt Jigen will be prepared to kill Kashin as soon as he shows the slightest slip in loyalty, but Kashin has had plenty of time to prepare for this confrontation which has now come.

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