'Boruto' Welcomes Back Sasuke In Heart-Wrenching Episode

Boruto has fully embraced its brand-new anime arc, and fans just got a taste of what the show has to offer. Not long ago, the series kicked off its ‘Chunin Exam’ arc, and Boruto just welcomed a new part of the saga by bringing Sasuke Uchiha back home.

However, as fans saw, the hero’s homecoming was not as happy as fans might have expected.

Earlier today, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations shared its 53rd episode, and it brought a heart-wrenching story to life. The episode followed Boruto and Team 7 as they continued their genin work while Naruto prepared for the impending Chunin Exams. With Himawari’s birthday on the horizon, Boruto demanded his father actually be present for her party, but the Seventh Hokage could not be pulled away from his job. And, as you’d expect, Boruto was none to happy about the ordeal.

The episode saw Boruto throw a full fit over Naruto’s absence and his decision to put work over his family. The young hero had an emotional moment with his sister and mother over the slight before running away, but he didn’t make it far away. After a moment, a knock came at the door, and Boruto charged at it thinking Naruto was behind it. However, the guest happened to be none other than Sasuke.


After an extended mission, Sasuke returned home to inform Naruto of some pressing news, but the Uchiha ran to the wrong locale. The ninja walked away after deflecting an easy punch from Boruto, leaving the young boy stunned. The episode leaves off with Sasuke heading towards the Hokage’s office so he can relay his information about the Otsutsuki Clan’s new villains, but fans know his business with Boruto has only started. The boy clearly is impressed by the power Sasuke wields, and he is desperate to put his father in his place now that Naruto shrugged off Himawari’s birthday. So, fans will see how Boruto manages to persuade Sasuke to help him train in the coming weeks.

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