Boruto Screenwriter Teases the Vessel Arc's Debut

Boruto has finally pushed forward with its promise of adapting the manga, and things are shaping up for a good time. After all, the anime has started its take on the Vessel arc at long last, and its first few episodes are sitting well with fans. And thanks to a recent update, fans have a good idea of who is overseeing the arc behind the scenes.

Taking to Twitter, Honda Masaya shared a message with fans. It was there the screenwriter confirmed he is overseeing the script for this Boruto arc, and fans are feeling good about the ordeal.

"BORUTO will start the "UTSUWA" series in earnest from tomorrow's episode. I am in charge of the script. The fate of Boruto and Kawaki led by the Kama begins to move. Don't miss it," Masaya wrote.

As you can imagine, Masaya has brought some confidence to Boruto fans who have been looking forward to this arc. The writer has been part of Boruto for a long time, and he has garnered a good reputation with fans. Now, Masaya will help adapt the Vessel arc for the anime, and its first few episodes prove the writer was right for the job.

Now, Boruto is about to head into the thick of things, so that means Kara and Kawaki will be coming out in force soon. The anime's most recent episode checked in on Kara as the group revealed its vessel is missing, but Kashin Koji hopes to change that. Now, Konohamaru has found himself in danger as he was sent to vet the remains of a Kara crash site. So as you can see, the Vessel arc is about to shake up things really well for Boruto this year.


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