Boruto Cliffhanger Puts Konohamaru in Some Serious Trouble

Konohamaru isn't a stranger to danger, and he is about to be reminded of that in a big way. If you are caught up with Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, you know the anime just left the Hidden Leaf ninja in a precarious place. His new mission is about to bring him face to face with a very nasty enemy, so you can see why fans are eyeing Konohamaru with fear these days.

The whole ordeal ties back to the most recent episode of Boruto. The update checked in on Kara as the organization agreed upon its new mission, and the Hidden Leaf was spotlighted as well. Naruto took over much of the village's conversation, but things switched to Konohamaru at the end. After all, he was sent on a mission to scout a fall blimp outside of the Konoha, and the episode ended with a shadowy figure approaching the jounin from behind.

boruto konohamaru
(Photo: Pierrot)

If this Boruto cliffhanger has you in a panic, then you are not alone. After all, the episode spent its first half with Kara as the group discussed the very airship that Konohamaru is currently at. Kashin Koji made it clear he would go there intending to fight, and this Inner member seems especially strong. That isn't even to mention if there are others from Kara onsite, and their high-tech powers may keep Konohamaru from spotting them until it is too late.

Fans know the Hidden Leaf hero is a strong fighter, but there is only so much you can do in the case of an ambush. For now, anime-only fans will just have to wait and see what awaits Konohamaru. And if you read the Boruto manga, well - you know what is coming next!


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