Boruto Shares a Hilariously Self-Aware Naruto Reference

Boruto Uzumaki may not want to copy his father's legacy, but the hero has followed several of his steps. Sure, the young ninja may not want to be the Hokage when he's older, but he dreams of being a powerful fighter like Naruto is. Thanks to a brand-new chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, fans know the pair have even more in common, and it prompted Naruto to think back on his past.

The latest chapter came out late last week, and fans have been pouring over the release since. In its first pages, Boruto lets fans catch up with Kawaii after he wakes up in the hospital, and the same goes for Naruto. It is there the Hokage gets an update on what happened after he fought Jigen, and he couldn't help but laugh.

"Seriously? That's big stuff," Naruto told his friend and advisor. Shikamaru was not very impressed with how Team 7 disobeyed orders to save Naruto, but the Hokage was far more lenient on the issue.

"Genin acting rashly? So things haven't changed since we were brats. C'mon, it's like a Konoha tradition."

Of course, fans of Naruto will know exactly why the Hokage said this; In fact, to have said anything else would have been hypocritical. Naruto disobeyed plenty of rules back in the day, and it seems Boruto has taken after him unwittingly. If it had meant saving Sasuke, Naruto would have left the Hidden Leaf Village whenever wherever for his friend. Boruto and Kawaki would do the same for their Hokage, so it seems like Naruto is on the opposite side of things nowadays.


Of course, fans are interested to see if Team 7 will get any backlash from their rogue mission. Tsunade was never afraid to punish any ninja who went off orders, but she did have a sweet spot for Naruto. There is no doubt Boruto holds a sweet spot with Naruto, but Shikamaru might be able to persuade the Hokage into giving his son and his team a good scolding.

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