'Boruto' Reveals [SPOILER] Can Use Sage Mode

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations hasn’t even graduated its heroes, but one of those ninjas is already well beyond his years. The anime’s most recent episode just confirmed a friend of Boruto’s can use Sage Mode, and fans are rallying behind Mitsuki’s accomplishment.

In the latest episode of Boruto, fans watched as Mitsuki tagged along with his friends during the Academy's graduation exam. The pale kid buddied up with Boruto to find Kakashi, but Mitsuki wound up staying behind to fight Shino Aburame when the instructor made his presence known.

Hoping to help Boruto, Mitsuki decided he would not hold back against Shino during the exam. In a surprising move, the ninja was enveloped in a light cyan chakra shroud as he powered up. Shino was seen looking visibly surprised by the move, and the jounin confirmed he would not hold back either.

Anime fans may have been curious about the power-up, but manga readers are already aware of what Mitsuki tapped into. Boruto confirmed Orochimaru’s son could use Sage Mode awhile back, and Mitsuki chose to use that power during his exam. You know, which is rather impressive considering seasoned ninja have plenty of hardships using sage chakra. A pre-genin knowing how to use senjutsu is almost unthinkable.


The anime didn’t push Mitsuki to use his full sage chakra and only tapped into it as a power booster. When the ninja does tap into the full sage transformation, it is often done unconsciously and gives Mitsuki a makeover. The boy’s blue chakra reshapes itself as ghostly snakes and he even grows a single horn on his forehead. Mitsuki is also one of the youngest people to achieve Sage Mode in all of Naruto, making him insanely powerful for a simple Academy student. However, when you were raised by Orochimaru, having this kind of power isn’t too surprising.

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