New 'Boruto' Opening Just Dropped Some Big Anime Spoilers

Boruto: Naruto Generations is heading deeper into its ongoing "Mist Village" arc, and the series celebrated the milestone with a new opening theme. The upbeat animation may not have been universally loved by fans thanks to its music, but it seems they're hyped about its actual footage.

After all, the opening does drop a few big anime spoilers. Don't say you haven't been warned!

Anime fans already know why opening and ending animations are often scrutinized; a new theme can include animation spoilers for impending arcs and storylines which haven't been announced yet. As for Boruto, its new theme hints that the boy's time at the Ninja Academy will come to an end soon, and then the show's real fun can begin.

The animation starts off simply enough with a reel of Naruto running into the sunset with some Shadow Clones. However, things begin to change after Boruto is seen running through a montage of his classmates.

Towards the middle of the opening, a hazy scene is shown of Boruto running after his dad, Naruto. The boy stops as he sees his father walk away, but when Boruto reaches out Naruto, the older ninja disappears and is replaced with the older version of Boruto seen in the anime's premiere. The boy startles at the change, and then the scene switches to a fight sequence with Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki.


The fight scene is telling as it shows the three classmates fighting what appears to be a Mist Ninja. Boruto is seen using a Raiton release, and fans are wondering if the boy's use of elemental chakra will be a new skill he acquires. Naruto's release is wind, but a Data Book did confirm that Hinata's release is lightning. So, it appears Boruto takes after his mother in this case.

The opening ends with a scene featuring Naruto's genin team. If you have watched the Boruto film, then you know the boy winds up on a team with Sarada and Mitsuki. The anime's new theme seems to hint that the trio will graduate and be paired together in an immediate arc, so fans can look forward to the group getting their own teacher and taking on missions before long.

Boruto: Naruto Next GenerationsSunday at on TV Tokyo

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