Boruto Sees Tento Make a Shocking Decision

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations fans have been waiting for the Mujina Bandits arc not only because it's been quite a while since the anime has adapted the manga but because this arc has some pivotal moments for Boruto himself. Because he was roped into being the bodyguard for the son of the Feudal Lord, Tento, the two of them found out just how much alike they were with one another. This meant that Boruto opened up about his plans for the future, and it in turn inspired Tento to strive to be just like Boruto.

The latest episode of the series put that future into question, however, as Tento was kidnapped by the Mujina Gang. It's here that he realized that the boss of the gang wants to eat his brain and take over his body, and in order to keep himself from being used as a pawn in their evil plans Tento instead attempts to take his own life.

When Tento tried to bargain with Shojoji about paying the ransom and freeing him, he realized that this was in vain as Shojoji never intended to let him go in the first place. He has a forbidden jutsu that allows him to devour and take control of the bodies of others, so Tento thought about what Boruto would do in this situation. Wanting to be useful to his dad at last, Tento tries to cut his throat with his shuriken but is stopped by Shojoji before he could do so.


Episode 150 then takes a terrifying turn as Shojoji tries to munch down on Tento's head, but thankfully Boruto arrives just in time to save the young boy before he had to do something terrible himself to save his father and the Hidden Leaf Village.

Did you expect to see Tento make this kind of decision? How did you like seeing Tento inspired by his brief time training under Boruto? What kind of future will this help set up for the young son of the Feudal Lord? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!

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