Boruto Anime Paves the Way for A Major Villain's Return

The latest installments of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' have definitely been some of the [...]

The latest installments of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' have definitely been some of the biggest of the sequel series to date, with Naruto and Sasuke battling against Jiren and the new interpretation of Team 7 clashing against the cult leader Boro, but the recent episodes have also left the door open for a major villain's return. The energy known as Karma might give its users an upgrade when it comes to the amount of chakra that they can wield but also imprints them with a deadly negative that acts as a doorway for some big evil to appear in the world again.

In the latest episode, we witnessed the Karma within Boruto explode and take over his body, granting him enough power to seemingly defeat Boro, but also act as a springboard for the return of Momoshiki. Each Karma that is bonded to a subject, or a vessel, allows the Otsutsuki to which it is linked to return, should the subject use all their energy in a battle or for any other reason, giving the celestial ninja within the body the perfect opportunity to spring forth and try to claim the physical form as their own. With Boruto having lost control over his own body and now seeing Momoshiki taking the reins, Karma has become a major part of the franchise moving forward.

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Boruto didn't grow up with a nine-tailed fox hiding within himself, causing him to be a pariah like his father Naruto had dealt with during his childhood days, but Karma has been introduced as a way for the son of the Seventh Hokage to be placed into a similar situation. With Momoshiki biding his time, it's another looming shadow for the Hidden Leaf Village to deal with, as the villagers of Konoha might see Boruto as a ticking time bomb that they once saw his father as.

Should Momoshiki completely take over Boruto's body, he would use the son of the Seventh's body to join with Jigen and continue the journey of the Otsutsuki, who seek to maintain their immortality by stealing all the chakra of different worlds.

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