Did John Cena Just Reveal He's A BTS Stan?

The Internet can be a strange place, but it is hard to out-weird John Cena’s most recent social media outing. If you head to Instagram, you will find that the wrestler-slash-actor posted a photo of a familiar K-pop idol, and the Internet’s collective brain is about to explode.

As you can see below, Cena has struck again with his Instagram. The star posted a photo of J-Hope from the band BTS, and fans of the group are not sure how to react. The image was shared without any caption or reasoning; It is just a thing that exists now.

So, is Cena really a stan of the rising K-pop group? Nobody knows for sure, but fans are treating the star like he’s one of them. If you head to Twitter, you can see the surprising post is beginning to trend, and ARMY is giving Cena a how-to on joining BTS’ fanbase.

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Of course, fans are curious if Cena is even aware he posted a photo of J-Hope knowing who the guy was. It is hard to imagine the star would let that happen though; After all, Cena’s Instagram has become well-known for its mysterious posts. The wrestler and his team are surely choosey of what goes up on the feed, so someone is bound to have known who J-Hope was before posting the picture.

Whether it is genuine or not, fans do agree it’s hilarious to see Cena jumping on-board with BTS. In the past, the wrestler has been tied to the band’s fandom thanks to his ‘It’s John Cena’ meme. If you look up Jeon Cena, you will see how that whole era went down rather quickly.

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