Desiigner Releases Mini-MV For BTS's "MIC Drop" Remix

When it comes to music, there is no better hype man to have on your side than Desiigner. The Brooklyn rapper hit is big with his viral single "Panda," but k-pop fans have come to stan the rapper for working with BTS on the group's latest single.

Now, Desiigner has released his own mini-music video for his guest on "MIC Drop," and fans are loving it.

Over on Twitter, fans of BTS are gathering around Desiigner to support his latest social media post. The rapper shared a short clip of himself at one of his concerts abroad. Desiigner played a show in Manchester for fans, and it was there the star's team shot a short video for his beginning verse on the "MIC Drop" remix that BTS did with Steve Aoki.

The clip, which can be seen above, sees Desiigner wilding out on stage as he performs his intro to "MIC Drop." K-pop fans are showing up in force to share the clip as the fandom strives to get the BTS single on worldwide radio charts.

If you are not familiar with the single, you will likely hear it sooner rather than later. The remix dropped at the end of November shortly after BTS made a historic appearance at the American Music Awards. The band made their first live televised gig in the US, and BTS dropped their updated take on "MIC Drop" not long after. The song features remixed beats by Steve Aoki, and its radio single version has Desiigner guesting as a rapper.


When "MIC Drop" first dropped, the single stormed iTunes charts around the world. The song hit number one in the US, making it a first as Psy's "Gangnam Style" failed to peak at the position. Fans are now coming together to have radio stations around the world play "MIC Drop" on rotation, and they're ready to help Desiigner hype the single as it continues to grow in popularity.

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