BTS Named TIME's Entertainer of the Year for 2020

BTS is a group that needs no introduction. To millions of fans, the group is a symbol for change [...]

BTS is a group that needs no introduction. To millions of fans, the group is a symbol for change in music, fandom, and social change. As for others, they know BTS for the group's infectious music and K-pop ambassadorship. And now, thanks to TIME Magazine, the world now knows BTS has Entertainer of the Year.

TIME Magazine announced the news earlier today as it prepares to unveil its pick for Person of the Year. Things began this morning when TIME confirmed BTS was being honored with the title in 2020, and an in-depth interview with the group followed to the delight of fans.

As you can read here, TIME did a piece on BTS explaining its decision for selecting the K-pop juggernauts as this year's winner. Rightly so, the magazine clearly recognized that BTS is not only the biggest K-pop act in the entire world, but it is simply the biggest arc period. BTS has conquered just about every music scene out there, and amidst the pandemic, TIME gives praise to the band for the authentic way it has reached out to fans in such an isolating time.

"There are times when I'm still taken aback by all the unimaginable things that are happening," Suga, one of the group's rappers, shared with TIME. "But I ask myself, Who's going to do this, if not us?"

This honor is a weighty one, but it is not the first time BTS has been given the spotlight by TIME. Back in 2019, the group was included in the Time 100 list. Their track record with awards and nominations is a long one, so this new honor sits easily amongst that list. Just earlier this year, BTS set records once more when the group earned a Grammy Award nomination for the song "Dynamite", and fans are certain this level of success is just the beginning for BTS.

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