BTS Fans Think J-Hope Is Preparing To Drop His Mixtape ASAP

Can you feel it coming? The rumbling off a million music fans charging after one man’s mixtape? [...]

Can you feel it coming? The rumbling off a million music fans charging after one man's mixtape? Well, the loyal fanbase behind BTS thinks it sees such an event on the horizon, and ARMY isn't sure its ready.

After all, fans think J-Hope is preparing to launch is long-awaited mixtape in just a few days.

If you head to Twitter, you will see plenty of people buzzing about J-Hope and his mixtape. The almost mythical release has been talked about for a couple years now, and J-Hope began teasing it in earnest over the last few months. The idol rapper and his bandmates have plugged the mixtape during recent interviews, but fans started losing their mind over it when a snippet of the tape apparently leaked.

Over on Snapchat, one of Big Hit's recording engineers shared an (accidental) teaser of J-Hope's mixtape online. Jeong Woo-young shared a small clip of the studio's team mastering a track of J-Hope rapping which fans had not heard before. The clip was taken down from Snapchat not long afterwards, but as you can see above, ARMY didn't waste time sharing it on social media.

The polished track added fuel to the fiery speculation J-Hope's mixtape. If the crew at Big Hit are mastering its audio, then the release may drop just as suddenly as Agust D and RM did respectively. The previous mixtapes were teased for some time before they were dropped out of nowhere, but fans think J-Hope will time the release of his mixtape with his birthday.

Yes, the South Korean idol is due for a birthday, and it is coming up fast. J-Hope will turn 24 on February 18, and as you can see above, plenty of fans are convinced the dancer will drop his mixtape as a reverse birthday gift to fans. So, if that really does go down, expect to hear a resounding chorus of "J-HOOOOOOPE" before the Internet comes to a screeching crash.

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