Cartoon Network Speaks Out About Its Newly Announced Merger

Warner Bros/Discovery has been in the news a lot lately, as the merger has caused a number of decisions in 2022 that has ruffled the feathers of a number of animation fans. With the latest news arriving that Cartoon Network and Warner Bros Animation were set to merge, potentially causing a number of layoffs and the cancellation of numerous projects, the former has taken the opportunity to officially comment via its Official Twitter Account, which will more than likely put some fans' minds at ease when it comes to the studio's future.

Cartoon Network Studios was first formed in 1994, and was responsible for some beloved franchises including Samurai Jack, The Powerpuff Grils, Johnny Bravo, Ben 10, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Over The Garden Wall, Summer Camp Island, and countless others. Some of these programs, such as Summer Camp Island, Close Enough, Infinity Train, and others have been nixed from HBO Max for reasons that have yet to be made official, though rumors have been spread far and wide as to why the decisions were ultimately made. At present, CN Studios is working on the likes of Genndy Tartakovsky's Unicorn Warriors Eternal, Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake, and Invincible Fight Girl, though fans are nervous that any of these series can be cut based on this year's events.

Cartoon Network took to social media to confirm that it wasn't dead, while also stating that it "wasn't going anywhere", which should come as a big relief for countless fans that have dove into the network for decades to see some of the most original series to hit the airwaves:

Cartoon Network hasn't been the only ones hit by the recent merger, as the live-action feature-length film Batgirl shocked fans earlier in 2022 when it was shelved, along with the animated feature, Scoob: Holiday Haunt. Earlier this week, the art director of Cartoon Network, David DePasquale, stated something similar via his Twitter Account, discouraging an earlier report while stating that Cartoon Network Studios isn't dead and buried:

"These are decisions that affect real people, studios, & jobs. I work there. You can stand by whatever you'd like, but you sensationalizing it and guiding people to extrapolate that CNS is basically dead is really shitty, especially for those of us who still have a job there. Do better."

We'll keep you posted here on on any further developments when it comes to Warner Bros/Discovery, Cartoon Network, and all the projects that might be affected by the merger.