Chainsaw Man Cosplay Unleashes The Power of Power

Chainsaw Man is set to be one of the breakout anime series released in the future, with the [...]

Chainsaw Man is set to be one of the breakout anime series released in the future, with the television series being produced by Studio MAPPA and the manga having already come to a close with its first installment, and cosplayers are taking notice with one, in particular, giving their own unique take on the hilarious devil known as Power. Though Denji, the titular Chainsaw Man, might be the star of the show as he bursts chainsaws from his extremities, Power manages to give fans just as many laughs by being an idiosyncratic character with some extreme personality swings.

When Power was first introduced into the series, for those who might not be familiar with the manga series of Chainsaw Man, she was a wandering devil that found herself bonded to a tiny cat. With devils being powered by ingesting blood, the devil attempted to protect the feline but found herself face to face with the Bat Devil, who took her cat hostage and put her onto a trajectory where she would eventually encounter Denji in his Chainsaw Man form. Eventually, the Bat Devil was defeated and Power would join Denji as a part of the Public Safety Commission for devils.

Instagram Cosplayer Maki Eraclea shared this spot-on Power Cosplay that brings one of the most popular characters of Chainsaw Man to life, capturing the aesthetic of the Devil that would normally join Denji on his adventures as a part of the government's devil hunters:

A release date for Chainsaw Man's anime has yet to be revealed by Studio MAPPA, but considering how many copies the manga has sold since its original introduction in 2018, it's clear that it has been a long-time coming. The series has managed to create an insane blend of both horror and humor, with the devils dispatched by Denji in his Devil Form being slashed in gory detail. Though the manga recently came to an end, creator Tatsuki Fujimoto has confirmed that the story will be returning with a "Part 2" that is continuing the adventures of Denji, Power, and their friends that have managed to survive the bloody affair.

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