Chainsaw Man's War Devil Reveals Plot For Denji

Chainsaw Man has been building to its first major arc of Part 2 of the series, and the newest chapter has kicked off a new plan to take down Denji! Series creator Tatsuki Fujimoto started off the second era of the series was a lot different than fans had expected to see as the first few chapters introduced fans to not only a main point of view character, Asa Mitaka, but brought out her new relationship with a terrifying new devil. But after bringing Denji back into the series, all of these new devils are starting to make their move on the Chainsaw Man.  

Chainsaw Man's latest chapters have been exploring Asa's life in school and how the devil activity has changed the daily lives of everyone else in Denji's world, but Denji's arrival in the series is already shaking up this formula as it seems like now the main crux of the action is set to begin. This is especially true in the newest chapter as Yoru wants to devise a way to lure the Chainsaw Man to their school to take him out, and it seems like that's going to happen soon enough. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 105 of Chainsaw Man picks up shortly after Denji tried to garner favor with Asa by revealing he's the Chainsaw Man, and Yoru is trying to get Asa to go back and kick off their fight. But Asa believes it would have been stupid for Denji to out himself like that (ironically enough, he did), and to get Yoru to back off, Asa explains that Chainsaw Man would come if devils had attacked the school. Yoru then gets stuck trying to figure out how that would happen, and surprisingly the opportunity's going to come much sooner than later. 

It's revealed later in the chapter that Yuko has actually enacted a contract with a devil of her own, and wanting to get revenge on Asa's behalf, she teases that she's got some big plans for the school. This will actually fall in line with Yoru's desire to lure out Denji, and with Denji already at the school, it seems like it's all but guaranteed that he's going to get caught in the middle of the chaos

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