Netflix's Cowboy Bebop Adaptation Already Planning Second Season

Netflix's live action adaptation of Spike Spiegel and his bounty hunting friends of Cowboy Bebop has been rife with difficulties, thanks to an on-set accident with John Cho, since announcing its ten episode television series back in 2018, but that isn't stopping the writer and executive producer, Jeff Pinkner, from making it clear that work has already begun on a potential second season. While the second season has yet to be officially confirmed, we would imagine that the creative minds behind the series are pretty confident in this adaptation to already start work on the next installment of the Netflix series before its arrival.

What needs to be said that already hasn't been about the legendary anime series that is Cowboy Bebop? The classic anime arrived on the scene in 1998, giving us a 26 episode season that managed to blend both fast paced animated action with a soundtrack that is hard to beat in the world of anime. While the majority of the episodes focused on something of an anthology style, following Spike and his crew as they attempted to make enough money to stay afloat, there was an overarching story that involved Spiegel's past and his deadly rivalry with the sadistic swordsman named Vicious.

This information came from an interviewer with the writer of the series by the publication, The Observer, which noted that Pinkner himself was "heading off to a notes call for the second season, most likely continuing the story of Spike, Jett, Faye, Ed, and Ein following the initial ten episodes:

“I think that I’m very excited by our opportunity to take this iconic anime and bring it to life,” Pinkner told Observer before heading off to a “notes call” on the script for Season 2. “I think that our actors are spectacular. The world that we’re creating down in New Zealand that we’re excited to get back to as soon as we can is a really fun, dynamic visualization of this insane anime. I think that because we have these hour-long episodes, we have an opportunity to take the anime and sort of like just deepen and dimensionalize the source material."

While a release date for the inital ten episodes of Cowboy Bebop's live action adaptation has yet to be confirmed, based on the confidence that the creative minds behind the series have, we would imagine that it's well underway!


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Via The Observer

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