Netflix's Cowboy Bebop Shares New Look at Ed's Debut: Watch

Netflix has shared a new look into Ed's big debut in the new Cowboy Bebop live-action series with a new clip! Although Netflix had been playing coy about whether or not the fourth main character of the original anime series would be making their debut in the new version of the series, it was not long after the series made its official worldwide debut that Netflix officially confirmed that Ed was a part of the new series. In fact, Ed makes an appearance in the final episode of the debut season, and Netflix revealed this fact for themselves. 

On the day of release, Netflix confirmed that newcomer Eden Perkins was the one bringing Ed to life on the new Cowboy Bebop series, and recently dropped a new look at that debut with a few works from Perkins themself to dish on joining the series as such a fan favorite. As Perkins revealed about getting into costume for the first time, "Getting into costume for the first time, Ed's so cool. I love her costume so much. It's very free and movable I suppose, which suits Ed very much." Check out the clip diving into Ed's debut below:  

Perkins then opened up about actually getting to film the Ed scene with John Cho's Spike Spiegel, "When I finally got to actually be on set, it was incredible. It was just one night of shooting. It was incredible. The sets are so, so cool and at night it's like a completely different atmosphere. It was very cold, but it was amazing. And everyone is so very, very, very lovely. And I got to act with John Cho, which was very cool. It was such an amazing experience." If you wanted to jump into the franchise for yourself, both the original anime and new live-action series are streaming with Netflix.'s Evan Valentine reviewed Cowboy Bebop, and had the following to say about the series:

"The series however does feel like Cowboy Bebop, in so much as the characters look as they should and the worlds feel adequately lived-in as the original had portrayed, but there are simply more than a few stumbling blocks when it comes to capturing the soul and spirit of the original. The new Netflix show has its problems but it remains a fun romp that has a lot for fans, both of the original and new to the universe, to enjoy along the way. This show was simply never going to be able to hit the heights that were reached by the original, but if you're willing to look past this fact, the new series offers viewers a fun albeit disjointed ride."

How did you feel about Eden Perkins' debut as Ed in the new Cowboy Bebop series? How did you like Netflix's new live-action take on the original anime overall? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!