Demon Slayer Releases First Season 2 Teaser

Demon Slayer is at the top of its game when it comes to animation, and fans will be reminded of [...]

Demon Slayer is at the top of its game when it comes to animation, and fans will be reminded of that before long. After all, it has been made clear that the anime's second season is on its way. Demon Slayer made the official announcement earlier today, and a special teaser trailer was released in honor of the big project.

As you can see below, the trailer was posted in Japan following the long-awaited announcement. It has since been subtitled by Twitter user Aitaikimochi. The video shows the trademark animation style of ufotable, and the fluid reel has fans convinced season two will be worth the wait.

The trailer begins eerily enough with still shots of a home before a woman is shown in lavish makeup. The character is as beautiful as they are sinister, so you can expect some surprising demons to appear in this new season. As the clip continues, Demon Slayer fans are told season two will focus on the Entertainment District arc, and Zenitsu is ready for the mission.

First, it must be noted that Inosuke appears in this teaser, and he is ready to throw hands with any demon. The expansive entertainment district is filled with greedy monsters, and they do not mind praying on the weak. It falls to Tanjiro and his crew to take on the threat following their involvement with the Mugen Train arc. And of course, the swordsmen have some new moves to help them complete that mission.

Currently, Demon Slayer has no set premiere date for season two, but it will be debuting in 2021. You can keep up with for more info on the comeback as it is released!

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