Digimon Adventure Hints at Angewomon's Reboot Debut

Digimon Adventure's hinting at Angewomon's debut in the new reboot series! When the reboot series [...]

Digimon Adventure's hinting at Angewomon's debut in the new reboot series! When the reboot series began and introduced fans of the classic anime series to a brand new take on the original DigiDestined, fans have been waiting to see the entire line up in action. With seven of the chosen children now confirmed, and Hikari making her debut in the Digital World a few episodes prior, fans have been waiting for the full line up to make their debut in the new series. What this also means is that the final of the fan favorite additions would be showing up in the new series soon too.

It seems the fan favorite debut of Angewoman is coming soon as well as the newest episode of Digimon Adventure gives us our first real hint of the angelic Digimon in the new series. Now that the series has acknowledged the existence of this fan favorite angel after teasing their role as part of the Holy Digimon, it seems like the ball is falling starting to get rolling in this battle between light and darkness.

Digimon Adventure Angewomon Reboot Debut Tease
(Photo: Toei Animation)

Episode 31 of Digimon Adventure sees Tai and Sora end up working together with Lopmon, who is actually one of the holy Digimon who fought in the war years before the events of the series. Using their power to show the DigiDestined a flashback to the events of the war, there are two holy Digimon shown. One is Angemon, who was already revealed to be Takeru's partner, and the other is a silhouette of light that fans of the original will recognize as the fan favorite.

Tai recognizes that this is the reason why his younger sister has come to the Digital World, and Lopmon confirms that Hikari is indeed the final of the chosen children meant to be the partner of the Holy Digimon. Lopmon mentions how the DigiDestined make up the partners of the six warriors and two holy Digimon, and if some of the future episode titles for the series are any indication, there's a good chance we'll see the full DigiDestined line-up come together fairly soon.

What did you think of this Angewomon tease in the newest Digimon Adventure episode? Curious to see how strong this new version of the fan favorite Ultimate will be? Even more curious to see her Mega evolution in action? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!