Digimon Adventure Cliffhanger Reveals Angemon's Evolution

Digimon Adventure's newest cliffhanger has revealed Angemon's evolution sequence! Digimon [...]

Digimon Adventure's newest cliffhanger has revealed Angemon's evolution sequence! Digimon Adventure is now getting ready for its next big arc, and although Angemon made a brief appearance in the series before the final fight with Devimon, it seems now Angemon will be a part of the action going forward as Takeru and Patamon are determined to use the Holy Digimon's power to defend his older brother and the rest of the DigiDestined against the rest of the Dark Digimon threats. With this major return to the series also came its new evolution sequence.

Episode 27 of Digimon Adventure ends on a major cliffhanger as DarkKnightmon ends up trying to attack the DigiDestined once more. With the Digimon now coming to a new continent, all of the DigiDestined are going to be needed for the fight to come and luckily that comes with the debut of Angemon's new evolution sequence as it poises himself to fight the dark Digimon.

Unfortunately for fans who enjoyed the evolution sequences in the original series, Angemon's new evolution is a bit of a letdown. While Patamon's evolution does get the evolution ring that the older evolutions had, it's nowhere near as elaborate as the evolutions that Agumon and Gabumon are privy to. There was a hope that the Holy Digimon would be treated better than the rest of the DigiDestined in the new series, but it seems that Agumon and Gabumon are the only ones getting elaborate evolutions this time around.

But with Angemon back in the action, it seems like the series will be kicking off its next major fight as it's soon revealed that Devimon was far from the most pressing of threats in this Digital World. With Devimon being as strong as it was during the fight with Matt and Yamato, Angemon might not be enough to face off against these threats alone if it does not have enough holy power.

What do you think? Excited to see Angemon more in action in the new Digimon Adventure series? Curious to see what its holy powers will mean for the fight ahead? Wondering when the next of the Holy Digimon will be joining the series as well? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!