Digimon Takes To The Skies With This Angewomon Cosplay

Digimon has returned to the world of anime thanks to its reboot that once again tells the story of [...]

Digimon has returned to the world of anime thanks to its reboot that once again tells the story of the "Digi-Destined", a group of young digital monster trainers that find themselves jettisoned to the Digital World and attempting to make their way back home while saving both their world and the new one they encounter, and one fan has decided to honor the series with some jaw dropping Angewomon Cosplay. Though Angewomon has yet to appear in the newest anime series for Digimon Adventure, based on the events that have transpired and what has been hinted, it seems to only be a matter of time!

In the original series for Digimon Adventure, Angewomon first appeared as the evolutionary form of Gatomon, joining into a bond with Kari of the Digi-Destined. Though unlike the other Digimon of our young protagonists, Gatomon had a much harsher origin, being mentored by the series' villain in Myotismon. The lanky vampiric digital monster treated Gatomon harshly, but the feline like monster found herself forming a bond with other digital monsters around her and eventually joining the light side. Transforming into her ultimate self following the death of her close friend Wizardmon, which is of course anime tradition, Angewomon became a giant ace up the sleeve for the Digi-Destined moving forward and has remaining a stalwart part of the franchise.

Instagram Cosplay KhainSaw shared this impressive take on the digital monster from the Digimon anime that has become one of the most recognizable figures from the franchise, as has been shown time and time again in both a number of anime series and video games within the series:

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Should I do a video on how I made my Angewomon cosplay?

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Following a delay thanks in part to the coronavirus pandemic, Digimon Adventure is once again returning to tell the tale of the Digi-Destined through a brand new lense, and while the character designs are nearly indistinguishable from the aesthetics of the past, there are certainly some changes that have happened to the story so far.

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