Digimon Adventure Cliffhanger Brings Hikari to the Digital World

Digimon Adventure's newest cliffhanger has finally brought Hikari to the Digital World in the new series. Digimon Adventure's new series has capped off its first major arc as Tai and Matt worked together to defeat the dark Digimon Devimon, and now the DigiDestined are heading into a brand new adventure far removed from the events of the original series. The newest episode of the series takes this one step further as Tai and Matt work their way to their next big location in this newest Digital World, and now they have a new member of their crew.

Episode 26 of the series has Tai and Matt dealing with a new swarm of underwater monsters as they find their way on a new island after falling into the sea, but when they find themselves facing off against two different ultimate level Digimon they are suddenly saved by the remaining DigiDestined...who found themselves brought back to the Digital World by Kari.

The previous episode saw Kari stumbling on the other DigiDestined while they were still in the real world. They had been fighting threats in the Internet level after Devimon had sent them back to the real world, and Kari suddenly took an interest in what they were doing. Although they were trying to hide their virtual exploits from Kari it's soon revealed that she's been hearing a voice calling out to her.

Digimon Adventure Hikari Kari Anime Reboot
(Photo: Toei Animation)

When Tai and Matt are having trouble in the Digital World, a light begins to glow around Kari and the other DigiDestined as they suddenly appear in the Digital World. They managed to swoop in and save Tai and Matt from an attacking WaruSeadramon and MegaSeadramon just in time, but Tai is surprised to find that his younger sister Kari has come to the Digital World as well.

Fans of the original series know that Kari turns out to be the eighth DigiDestined revealed later in the series, and it seems that the new series will be leading to this reveal soon as well. Kari played a significant role in the original series, and although this new take on the franchise has changed things around dramatically, it's safe to infer that Kari will be playing as big of a role this time around as well.

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