Digimon Adventure Taps K-Pop Group for Newest Ending: Watch

Digimon Adventure has tapped the prominent K-pop grouo ATEEZ for its newest ending theme sequence! [...]

Digimon Adventure has tapped the prominent K-pop grouo ATEEZ for its newest ending theme sequence! The rebooted anime series has reached its final arc, and with this final slate of episodes the DigiDestined have all gone their separate ways in order to figure out the mystery of the Crests embedded in their Digivices before the "Great Catastrophe" threatens the Digital World. This final slate of episodes for the series (at least for now, according to reports that have started to pop up about a potential sequel in the works) have undergone a major face lift with a new ending.

Marking the fifth and final ending theme sequence for the Digimon Adventure reboot series, the newest ending theme is "Dreamers" as performed by ATEEZ. It's a big occasion for fans of the K-pop group because this actually marks the group's very first Japanese language single. The full single will be available in Japan starting on July 28th, but you can check out the TV edited version of with Digimon Adventure's newest ending below as spotted by @clingyjuly on Twitter:

The fifth ending theme for the series kicks off with Episode 55 of the series, and this also means that there are only 11 or so episodes to in the originally scheduled episode order for this new Digimon Adventure. Originally kicked off as a celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Toei Animation and Bandai's original animated series from over two decades ago, the series has explored all kinds of new situations that were never seen in the original anime nor its Digimon Adventure tri. and Last Evolution Kizuna feature film sequels.

As the DigiDestined discover the mysteries behind their Crests, each of them have also begun to unlock the strongest forms for their respective Digimon partners in the latest slate of episodes for the series. This has brought not only some familiar forms to the TV anime for the first time, but some brand new forms as well. So not only do fans have a brand new ending theme to enjoy, but some cool new evolutions as well.

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