Digimon Adventure Promo Teases Surprising Garurumon Evolution

Digimon Adventure is teasing a surprising new Garurumon evolution is coming to the reboot series [...]

Digimon Adventure is teasing a surprising new Garurumon evolution is coming to the reboot series with the promo for the next episode! The rebooted take on Toei Animation's original Digimon Adventure series from over two decades ago has reached its final arc as the DigiDestined have gone their separate ways to find out the secrets of their crests in order to be ready to face the "Great Catastrophe" that will be coming soon. This has meant that we have seen each of their partners reach their Mega Evolution levels, but it's different for Tai and Yamato.

Both Tai and Yamato have reached their Mega Evolution levels for their Digimon partners before, and even gone beyond with the fused Omnimon in the past. Tai himself has broken through to two different Mega Evolutions for Agumon, and now it seems like Yamato and Gabumon will be doing the same as the promo for the next episode is teasing the arrival of a surprising Mega Evolution variant, CresGarurumon. Check out the preview for the episode in the video above from Toei Animation!

Digimon Adventure CresGarurumon Mega Evolution Promo
(Photo: Toei Animation)

Episode 56 of the series is titled "The Gold Wolf of the Crescent Moon," and like the title suggests, CresGarurumon will finally be making an appearance in the anime. Much like BlitzGreymon before it, CresGarurumon is a special variant version of MetalGarurumon that will likely come about in the anime with a special factor. This is probably the golden sword we see it wield in the promo, and that's further teased by the synopsis for the episode.

The synopsis for the episode (as shared by @Wikimon_news on Twitter) teases as such, "Yamato and Gabumon encounter the ghostly Zanbamon, who cuts down Digimon one after another wielding a gigantic sword, in the middle of the night. Frighteningly, all of their attacks pass right through Zanbamon, so they are unable to even fight against it. Having saved Strabimon, the sole survivor of the attack, the two of them learn that there was a swordsman-like Digimon that sealed Zanbamon long ago at a small village that is haunted by it...To defeat Zanbamon, they need the legendary sword used by the swordsman..."

If CresGarurumon is indeed on the way, and BlitzGreymon has already been seen, this could mean we'll be getting a much stronger version of Omegamon with its "Alter" form in the reboot's future. But what do you think of Digimon Adventure's final arc so far? What do you want to see before it all comes to an end? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!