Digimon Adventure Promo Teases Fierce New Battle

Digimon Adventure is teasing a fierce new battle coming in the next episode with its latest promo! Digimon Adventure's reboot series is now making its way into its final arc as Tai and the DigiDestined are making their way to FAGA to stop Millenniumon from reviving in a new body, and it seems like the intensity of the battles are increasing the closer they get. This has begun pushing the DigiDestined partners to their long awaited Mega Evolution forms, and the hope of more of these debuts is keeping fans engaged with each new episode.

The fights are continuing to get intense with the next episode series as the preview for it teases an attack from an enemy that should be familiar to fans of the classic series. Mugendramon (who was known as Machinedramon in the English language release of the original series) will be attacking Tai and the others next episode, and although they have taken on all sorts of Mega level Digimon, this seems to be one of their toughest fights yet! Check out the promo below as spotted by @Wikimon_news on Twitter:

Digimon Adventure Episode 48 is titled "The Attack of Mugendramon" and the episode begins its description as such, "Taichi and co. finally arrive at FAGA. However, who they encounter there is the ferocious Ultimate Digimon, Mugendramon. And the enemy absorbs Piyomon, Palmon, and Gomamon’s data, leaving them unable to battle as a result."

Continuing further, the description teases, "Meanwhile, they are contacted by Leomon, who is off in the distance traveling on El Doradimon as it accommodates refugee Digimon. 'Something unusual is happening! Cloud Continent is falling!' Eventually, even MetalGarurumon gets his data absorbed, and while he is rendered unable to fight, Mugendramon prepares to fire its powerful Mugen Cannon in an attempt to finish off the Children and their Digimon…"

Finally the episode teases a huge end to the battle against Mugendramon, "In order to protect everyone, Taichi and WarGreymon take a risk and charge into Mugendramon, but get caught in an explosion caused by it self-destructing.....!" But what do you think? Are you excited for Digimon Adventure's next episode? How are you liking the reboot series so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!