Digimon Adventure Finally Brings MetalGarurumon to the Reboot

Digimon Adventure has finally brought MetalGarurumon to the new anime series with the newest episode! Digimon Adventure teased that it would be kicking off a brand new arc bringing the Mega Evolutions for the entire DigiDestined to the series, and after Tai and Agumon debuted two of their Mega Evolutions, there was a wonder as to when the others would debut theirs as well. This was especially curious for Yamato and Gabumon considering that Yamato is often held as the deuteragonist of the series overall, and the fact that he and Tai summoned Omnimon in one of the new series' first few episodes.

Now the wait for the much anticipated Mega Evolution debut for Gabumon is over as MetalGarurumon has finally come to the new series with Episode 45. Although the circumstances of this evolution are surprisingly less intense than you would expect from such a big debut, it's a promising one nonetheless as it just might kick off a whole new string of evolutions coming our way. Check it out as spotted by @Wikimon_news on Twitter:

Digimon Adventure's new series is now in the midst of a huge new arc as the DigiDestined are making their way to FAGA in an effort to stop Millenniumon from reviving in a new body. This new arc will push each of the DigiDestined's partners to their Mega forms, and this will be a first for the anime series. Although they had reached their Mega forms in later films, spin-offs and sequels, this new series will be bringing them to the TV anime for the first real time.

Digimon Adventure's new series has sparked all kinds of peculiar evolutions, so although MetalGarurumon has made its debut there's a chance this won't be the only evolution we'll see from the fan favorite as the episodes continue. There's already a huge difference in its size compared to the original version, so it's left to be seen how many differences we'll see going forward.


But what do you think? How did you feel about MetalGarurumon's debut in the new Digimon Adventure series? Which evolutions are you hoping to see in the new series next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!