Digimon Adventure Debuts Patamon's Ultimate Evolution

Digimon Adventure debuted Patamon's Ultimate Evolution with the newest episode of the reboot series! The series has officially kicked off its final arc as the DigiDestined head to FAGA in an attempt to keep Millenniumon from reviving in a brand new body, and this is sparking a whole new chain of evolutions for the DigiDestined as they take on more intense threats than ever before. This was kicked off with a special trailer teasing the remaining Mega Evolutions left to be revealed, but as the newest episode proved, there was an Ultimate Evolution still needing to be shown off as well.

Digimon Adventure's newest episode sees the DigiDestined contending with the powerful Sephirothmon as it continues to gather data for Millenniumon's revival, and through that Angemon began to fight his darker side, Devimon. Through this fight and accepting of his past (and strive to the future together with his partner Takeru), Angemon successfully breaks through his limits and reaches his Ultimate Evolution, HolyAngemon.

Digimon Adventure Reboot HolyAngemon
(Photo: Toei Animation)

HolyAngemon (which was originally brought over to the English language release as MagnaAngemon) comes with a much darker origin than one would expect. Episode 46 of the series reveals that Sephirothmon had copied each of the DigiDestined's partners, and while they were trapped within it, they had to fight copies of all the enemies they faced before. This included Devimon.

In this new series, it was confirmed that Devimon is actually the darker flip side of Angemon. After Angemon was involved with the war against the Dark Digimon in years past, the Holy Digimon was left in a dark stasis in which he began losing his memories. It's here that Devimon was created as a much darker side of himself, and is the shadow of sin to Angemon's holy power.

Upon accepting this side to himself, Angemon gathers Devimon's darkness into his left arm (thus further explaining HolyAngemon's arm covered in a black armor) and evolves into HolyAngemon. It's a much different circumstance with this evolution than expected as Angemon is now carrying Devimon's darkness with it into the future fights. So now it remains to be seen how that carries over into his Mega Evolution teased to be on the way.


But what did you think of HolyAngemon's debut in the new Digimon Adventure series? Did you like of this new darker origin for the evolution? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!