Digimon Adventure Introduces Major Shake Up with the Holy Digimon

Digimon Adventure's new 20th Anniversary reboot series has not been shy about distancing itself [...]

Digimon Adventure's new 20th Anniversary reboot series has not been shy about distancing itself from the original anime that inspired it, and now it has introduced one of the biggest shake ups yet with the debut of the Holy Digimon in the latest episode of the series. Episode 5 of the series the DigiDestined stumble on a mysterious stone altar, and it's here where they find out some of the reasons why they are in the Digital World in the first place. As it turns out in this new series, a war sparked it all off.

Using the upgrades to the new Digivice that were revealed in the previous episode, Tai, Sora, and Izzy watch as a mysterious Digimon appears before them through a hologram. Introducing themselves as the beings of good that preside over the Digital World, these Holy Digimon left behind the final remnants of their power to leave the chosen children a message.

For those familiar with how events progressed in the original series from over 20 years ago, this is indeed a major step away from that older story. We're heading into completely new narratives here as these Holy Digimon not only tell Tai and the others about their Digivices (revealing the devices name to them as well), but clues them into their origins in this Digital World.

Digimon Adventure 2020 Holy Digimon
(Photo: Toei Animation)

It's revealed that following a major war between the forces of good and evil, seven Digimon were left in waiting for the day that chosen children would soon arrive and train them from birth to unleash their once powerful forms seen in the war. Because while the forces of good managed to fend off the forces of evil for now, they were left utterly destroyed in the process.

It is still unknown as to whether the "Holy Digimon" refers to the ones fans of the franchise are familiar with, or are just another name for the DigiDestined's Mega Evolved Digimon, but this is a far cry from what fans have come to know about this franchise. This reboot series is going to have a much grander scale, and one that seems to be influenced by later entries in the franchise.

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