Digimon Adventure Cliffhanger Puts Tai's Life in the Balance

Digimon Adventure left Taichi Kamiya's life in the balance with the cliffhanger from the newest [...]

Digimon Adventure left Taichi Kamiya's life in the balance with the cliffhanger from the newest episode of the series! The reboot series is now in the midst of its most intense arc yet as Tai and the other DigiDestined have been heading to FAGA in the attempt to stop Millenniumon from reviving itself in a new body. But as they head to this new area they began to find out just how much more intense the battles will be. This was especially true with the newest episode as Tai and Agumon took on a Mega Level threat.

The newest episode of the series pit the DigiDestined against Mugendramon (Machinedramon in the original English language episode of the series), and while the DigiDestined have faced off against Mega Level opponents before (and have access to Mega forms themselves), this was their toughest fight yet. So tough in fact that Tai just might have died by the end of Episode 48 of the series.

Digimon Adventure Kairi Cliffhanger Anime
(Photo: Toei Animation)

Episode 48 of the series saw Tai and the others take their first steps into FAGA, and it's here they are immediately attacked by Mugendramon. Agumon and Gabumon have both reached their Mega level evolutions, but their attacks (together with the other Ultimate level partners of the other DigiDestined) were nowhere near effective enough to do any kind of damage to the living weapon.

This all changed when Hikari was able to channel her power into Angewomon, and the Holy Digimon granted a huge power boost to Tai and Agumon. Evolving into his WarGreymon evolution, Tai and WarGreymon used Angewomon's holy boost to then fight Mugendramon on equal ground. The two of them even manage to deal the final blow to the weapon. But this is not the ultimate problem here.

Setting its self-destruction in motion, Mugendramon's body begins to build with a powerful energy. Its core breaks off and begins flying into the sky with Tai and WarGreymon riding on top of it. As the episode comes to an end, a huge explosion begins to fill the sky and it's quite unclear as to whether or not Tai was able to escape in time. We'll be finding out with the next episode, but what do you think?

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