Digimon: Ghost Game Finale Announced

Digimon remains a popular outlet for introducing scores of new digital monsters to the anime realm. With the franchise having a firm presence when it comes to anime adaptations, it would seem that the latest iteration, Digimon: Ghost Game, is coming to a close. Now might be the best time to say goodbye as the series will be ending much sooner than fans might expect as the anime adaptation injecting some horror elements has left its mark on the Digimon landscape. 

Digimon might have more than a handful of anime series that have helped make a name for itself in the medium, but the digital monsters might have a heavier presence in the video game world, akin to its "cousin" Pokemon. Recently, Digimon World: Next Order hit the Nintendo Switch and PC, which gave players a brand new world of digital monsters to explore in the latest Digimon game. At present, Toei has yet to confirm if Digimon will return with a new anime series outside of the upcoming Digimon Seekers, though Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning is a new film that will be hitting Japan at some point this year. Following the success of the recent reboot of Digimon Adventure, many fans are crossing their fingers that we might return to the original universe via a new series. 

Digimon Gives Up The Ghost

Digimon: Ghost Game is confirmed to end with its sixty-eighth episode airing in Japan on March 26, following a 2021 premiere for this unique take on the digital world. The series certainly lived up to its name as the digital monsters it introduced were far spookier than many previous Digimon that had played major roles in the franchise. 

If you haven't had the opportunity to check out the Digimon Ghost Game series, it can be streamed on Crunchyroll. Here's how the streaming service describes the latest anime entry for the digital monsters: "On social media, rumors of a mysterious phenomenon, known as "Hologram Ghosts," are spreading. Hiro Amanokawa, a first-year junior high school student, activates a mysterious device left behind by his father, and encounters a Digimon called Gammamon."

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