Here's Why You Need to Collect All of Adidas' 'Dragon Ball Z' Shoes

If you are on the fence about Adidas' upcoming Dragon Ball collection, it just became a bit harder to resist the anime kicks. In fact, after checking out the sneakers' boxes, you may decide to pay up for the entire collection.

For those unaware, Dragon Ball Z is teaming up with Adidas for some special sneakers. The high-end shoes will put their first phase on sale this month, and it seems fans will need to keep the boxes they come in.

After all, those boxes will be as collectible as the Dragon Balls themselves. If you nab all of them, you will be able to summon one awesome piece of artwork.

As you can see above, when you stack all of the shoe boxes together, an image is revealed on the side. They stack to show the seven characters who are getting Adidas shoes. So far, only two pieces of the collage have been revealed as the shoes for Goku and Freeza have been released.

If you want to nab these shoes for yourself, you will have to start in increments and save up some serious cash. This month, Goku and Freeza will have their shoes go on-sale beginning Saturday, September 29. The Saiyan's orange kicks will cost about $170 while Freeza will be a bit cheaper at $150.

Of course, these aren't the only kicks coming out. A total of seven shoes will be released by Adidas, so the following characters will get sneakers: Cell, Majin Buu, Vegeta, Gohan, Shenron, Goku, and Freeza. According to current reports, it seems Gohan and Cell will have their sneakers go on sale in October.

You can check out the product descriptions for Goku and Freeza's shoes below:

Goku: "You're ready to unleash your inner Super Sayajin. Made for sneaker freakers and anime fanatics, this collection highlights the most epic battle scenes from "Dragon Ball Z." These ZX500 shoes are dedicated to Son Goku. Canvas material and frayed edges on the 3-Stripes and tongue give a nod to the hero's training suit. Boost cushioning gives them a lightweight, energized feel."


Freeza: "Made for sneaker freakers and anime fanatics, this collection highlights the most epic battle scenes from "Dragon Ball Z's." These YUNG~1 shoes are dedicated to Frieza. The TPU accents show off Frieza's colors and mimic his glossy head. Built in supple leather, the sneakers have a chunky retro shape."

So, will you be getting any of these shoes? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!