This Goku Artwork Reimagines Dragon Ball's Premiere

Dragon Ball fans know everything there is about the series. Son Goku may have a complicated past but that didn't stop fans from committing it to memory. From the anime's first episode to its most current, the fandom knows every story beat, but one artist decided to give their own take on a special episode.

Taking to Twitter, an artist known as ruto830 hit up fans with their latest piece of art. The sketch imagines the the very first episode of Dragon Ball by sharing Bulma's perspective of her meeting with Goku.

As you can see below, the artwork shows Goku as a kid sitting in front of a motorbike. The hero looks plenty excited to run into the bike, but you can bet Bulma is less so. The girl doesn't want to run into Goku on her new bike, but fans know the incident ends up alright.

Of course, fans would be interested to see the franchise's premiere get a reimagining like this IRL. They would be able to learn more about Bulma's early years. The show has gone into her past several times, but Dragon Ball fans would not say no to another visit.

Still, there is something special about the first episode being the way it is. Fans are given all the needed background on Goku and his life in the wild before he meets his first friend. By the end of the premiere, fans had a good idea of what they should expect from Goku, but they could never know where the series would go from there. After all, the bombshell about Goku and his Saiyan origins would not come out until he was married, and it's safe to say fans had no idea that's where the series was heading.


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