Dragon Ball Artist Celebrates Chi-Chi with New Art

Chi-Chi might not be on the frontlines throughout the series of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, but she was introduced in the early days of Dragon Ball as a warrior that was one of the strongest in the world. Finding herself falling in love with Son Goku and having two sons in Gohan and Goten, one major artist for the Dragon Ball series has traveled to the early days of the shonen to give fans a new look at Chi-Chi in her younger days.   

When Chi-Chi first hit the scene in the original Dragon Ball series, she was a fighter that sought to defeat Goku in combat, being touted as the powerful daughter of the Ox King. As the characters aged over the course of the original series, Chi-Chi found herself infatuated with Son Goku, with the two settling down at the very end of the first story, with Dragon Ball Z beginning by introducing their offspring in Gohan. While Chi-Chi has mostly sat on the sidelines when it comes to the world-shattering battles of the Z-Fighters, she still shows up from time to time and will most likely at least make an appearance in the next movie of the series dropping in Japan next month.

Dragon Ball Artist, Dragon Garow Lee, shared a new take on the classic iteration of Chi-Chi, who found herself a participant in fighting tournaments alongside some of the Shonen characters, long before transformations such as Super Saiyan and Ultra Instinct became major parts of the series:

If you're unfamiliar with the work of Garow Lee, the artist is perhaps best known for his work on Dragon Ball: That Time I Got Reincarnated As Yamcha, an isekai manga series that sees a fans of the Shonen dying and finding himself living the life of Yamcha. While there have been no announcements of this particular side story being adapted into the world of anime, the story itself would make for a welcome addition to the world of anime should it ever make its way to the small screen.


What do you think of this new take on Chi-Chi? Do you think that the mother of Goten and Gohan should return to the battlefield one day in the Shonen series? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Dragon Ball