Dragon Ball Heroes Promo Sparks SSJ4 Debate Amongst Fans

The Super Dragon Ball Heroes card arcade game is one of the wildest entries in the entire franchise as the game's non-canon adventures have introduced all sorts of new characters and new variations on fan-favorites over its tenure thus far, and the game is kicking off the next phase of its story with Universe Mission 12. The game may be far removed from the anime -- and even the promotional anime series airing for it -- but it's still stirring all kinds of debates and arguments among fans of the franchise over many of the additions. The latest promo for the game wasn't helpful in this regard.

The latest anime opening for Universe Mission 12 -- which continues the Dark King Mechikabura Saga -- has sparked debate amongst fans for just how Super Saiyan 4 looks into the new animated promo. It's very much an umbrella argument for just how strange the visuals might look for fans not keyed into the arcade game's story.

One of the bits of confusion is how Super Saiyan 4 Vegito has blue-eyes given how Super Saiyan 4 doesn't do the same to Vegeta or Goku, but while this is an odd color choice, it does fall in line with their previous fusion into Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta, which also has blue eyes. But there's also been a call to bring the Super Saiyan 4 transformation make a return to the official franchise after seeing its prevalence here, with Gohan getting a Super Saiyan 4 too!

Trunks almost got a Super Saiyan 4 transformation instead of his current Super Saiyan God transformation, but it was scrapped due to the team not being able to figure out what color to make his hair. Finally, the final debate is over whether or not Pan should have a transformation at this point as well. With the non-canon fun the game has with its characters, that omission might be the most egregious. But where does the Super Saiyan 4 transformation sit with you? Do you want to see it more in the main series?

If you're unaware of this arcade game the promotional anime series is based on, Super Dragon Ball Heroes is the latest digital card fighting game and the top earner in the digital card arcade scene in Japan. Developed by Dimps, the update brought enhanced graphics and the ability to play as seven characters at the same time and provides all sorts of fantastic fan-service never seen in the original series. You can experience it in a way through Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission on Nintendo Switch. Check out our review of the game here for more details.