Dragon Ball Sketch Re-Imagines The Great Saiyaman 2

One of the funniest elements of Dragon Ball has to be Gohan's super hero alter ego, the Great Saiyaman. Sporting one of the most ridiculous costumes in any franchise, his wife Videl decided to sometimes join him on adventures with her own identity in the form of "The Great Saiyaman 2". Though the name is hardly inspired, it did create a dynamic duo for the Dragon Ball franchise unlike anything seen before. With Dragon Ball Super briefly revisiting the Great Saiyaman in one of the series' episodes, it's clear that the ridiculous heroes still have a place in the hearts of fans and now one fan has decided to create an amazing sketch of Videl's alter ego.

Twitter User TakuDrawings shared this amazing sketch that shows off Videl's super hero identity, sporting the Great Saiyaman 2 costume sans helmet, an identity that she hasn't jumped into any time soon in the Dragon Ball franchise and most likely won't jump into any time soon considering she has a daughter to look after:

Videl is a very unique character in the Dragon Ball franchise, becoming the love of Gohan's life but starting out as a fighter. Though she was the daughter of Mr. Satan, she easily became more powerful than her dad, learning from Gohan himself how to harness her ki and eventually use her own energy to fly via her own power. With her martial arts trainer, she manages to offer Gohan back up when he dons the Great Saiyaman identity.

In Dragon Ball Super, Gohan had originally not kept up with his training, causing his power level to go down to the point that he had a difficult time even maintaining the level of Super Saiyan. When he got his butt handed to him by Frieze, he realized that he would need to become stronger to fight threats against his family, and Videl backed up his decision. This was especially welcome during the Tournament of Power and Gohan continues to be one of the greatest fighters in the Z Fighters' roster.


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