'Dragon Ball Super' Just Tried to Bring Back [SPOILER]

Dragon Ball Super has been knocking fighters out of the Tournament of Power with increasing frequency, so it was a real surprise when we saw a few of those same fighters make a comeback in a recent episode... sort of.

DBS episode 119 had The Universe 7 team face off against Damom and Gamisaras, the insect fighters from Universe 4. While Damom Gamisaras attacked with their invisibility technique, while Shantsa used shadow clones of eliminated fighters to take on Gohan and Piccolo. For fans with eyes for detail and long memories, the fight against Shantsa also came with a nice little call back to the "Trio De Dangers," the team of wolf brothers from Universe 9.

If you look closely at the photo, you can see that these shadow warrior Shantsa creates are indeed modeled after the Trio De Dangers. Other fighters from Universe 9 also appeared to torment Gohan and Piccolo, but the wolf brothers are no doubt the most formidable and recognizable.

Dragon Ball Super 119 Shantsa Shadow Clone Fighters

All in all, Dragon Ball Super 119 offered us little more than parlor tricks, in what was mostly a filler episode. With the Tournament of Power now coming down to its last combatants, hopefully the fights should start being more and more epic with each episode.

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