'Dragon Ball Super' Shows Android 17 Paying A Debt

If you are caught up with Dragon Ball Super anime, then you know Android 17 has been all over it. The former villain made a comeback for the Tournament of Power, but fans wanted to know what all compelled 17 to make his return. Now, a brand-new manga chapter has confirmed the fighter threw in his support to pay a debt.

Recently, Viz Media pushed its translation of Dragon Ball Super's 31st chapter live for fans. The free update follows Goku as the Saiyan recruits Tournament of Power fighters, and he heads off to find Android 17. When the pair meet face-to-face, Goku tries to convince the other man to join in, but there is only one thing that makes 17 budge.

Apparently, that thing happens to be Krillin.

When money doesn't grab 17, Goku says the android could join to see his sister Android 18 and her husband. The heroine married Krillin after Cell was blown to pieces, and Goku's mention of Krillin makes 17 pause. The manga then goes into a flashback of when the man was revived after he died, and 17 is seen asking 18 about his revival.

"The bomb inside me is gone. What happened," the man asked. It was then 18 told her brother than Krillin asked Shenron to revive the androids sans explosives. When the two were created by Dr. Gero, the scientist put self-destruct bombs within their chests to control them. After being brought back to life, 17 and 18 were able to live their lives as they pleased. According to 17, that makes him owe Krillin a favor. So, the android agrees to join the tournament to repay the debt he owes Goku's best friend.


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