Android 17 Just Had His Best Episode of 'Dragon Ball Super' Yet

Android 17 has had his fair share of huge moments in Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power so far, but his latest move in the fight with Aniraza has led to his best episode of the series yet.

Ever since he was reintroduced into the series, fans of Android 17 have been treated to an increasingly impressive string of scenes but he truly impressed fans when he jumped straight through Aniraza's giant explosive blast and punched Aniraza right in the face.

Universe 3's full fusion of Aniraza proved a massive threat to Universe 7 with the ability to locate them through ultra sonic waves, use warp holes to hit them anywhere in the arena with its punches, and its energy blasts easily overwhelmed many of the attacks from Universe 7's fighters. This even led to the elimination of Android 18, as she saved Android 17 from being eliminated.

After seeing Android 18 be eliminated, this caused 17 to fight even harder than before. Arguably before this point, he's kind of been playing around. Many of his great moments such as firing on the Kamikaze Fireballs, helping Android 18 eliminate a giant Ribrianne, or capturing Universe 4's bug enemy in an energy ball, still didn't really push 17 to fight seriously.

When Aniraza charges an obscenely large blast and threatens to destroy the entire arena, Universe 7 charges into full power. Vegeta goes Super Saiyan Blue, Gohan uses his Mystic transformation, Goku goes Super Saiyan Blue as well, Freeza transforms into Golden Freeza and 17 charges his energy. The five of them all unleash giant Ki blasts together against Aniraza's giant sphere of destructive energy.

Aniraza grows the sphere to an even more incredible size and starts pushing them back, but the five warriors of Universe 7 dig in their heels. Android 17 notices a weakness in Aniraza, the giant glowing gem on his forehead. With this knowledge he covers himself in his barrier and charges through Aniraza's giant blast. Pushing through he catches Aniraza by surprise, covers his fist in his shield energy and delivers a powerful punch to the gem on Aniraza's forehead.

Android 17 jokes that he used his "Android" sense to notice Aniraza's weakness, but after shattering the gem disrupted Aniraza's flow of energy, Universe 7 was finally able to get the upper hand on the behemoth. Fans are definitely hoping this latest show of strength and skill isn't Android 17's last big moment in the Tournament of Power.

Dragon Ball Super's "Universal Survival" arc is part of the recent simulcast agreement that sites like Crunchyroll and Funimation have scored. Dragon Ball Super airs on Crunchyroll Saturday evenings at 7:15 p.m. CST. Adult Swim airs the English dub during its Toonami block Saturday evenings at 9:30 p.m, and is now available to stream on FunimationNOW and Amazon Video.


If you want to catch up with the English dub, the first 39 episodes of Dragon Ball Super are now available to stream on FunimationNOW, Crunchyroll's VRV service, and available to purchase on Amazon Video. The 39 episodes span the full range of what has aired in the North America and covers the "Battle of Gods" arc, "Revival of F" arc, and the most recently ended "Universe 6" arc.

There is also currently a new Dragon Ball film in the works for 2018. Not only does it aim to be the best film in the series, original creator Akira Toriyama will be contributing to the film's script and new character designs. There have also been details shared over its possible story. The film will focus on the Saiyans, the "origins of Goku's power," and potentially the story of the very first Super Saiyan God.