Dragon Ball Super Fan-Art Revisits Vegeta's New Training

When it comes to training, there are few people who work as hard as Vegeta. The Saiyans stands as one of the strongest fighters in all of Dragon Ball, and he won't stop training until he beats Goku. Of course, Vegeta is a bit away from reaching that goal, but he is not one to give up.

Fans were reminded of his tenacity not long ago, in fact. Thanks to the most recent Dragon Ball Super chapter, fans got an update on the story and its Moro arc. These days, Vegeta is away from Earth training much like Goku did when he learned Instant Transmission, and one fan decided to give their own take on his new workout.

As you can see below, the artist mzjk hit up fans with their version of Vegeta. The fan put the work on Reddit for the anime fandom to geek over, and it sees Vegeta working out in a very different way.

Vegeta spirit control training by me from r/dbz

Rather than enter the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Vegeta is putting in work elsewhere. His new training doesn't involve fighting or pushing back physical limits. Instead, the Saiyan has been tasked with controlling his spirit and tapping into his inner self which Vegeta has never done before.

The hero is seen in some traditional Metomoran clothing as his teacher and peers work behind him. While the others are standing or even doing tricks on a needle point ledge, Vegeta is doing his best to concentrate. With his hands joined together, Vegeta looks like he is intensely concentrating on the promise he was given. If he can master this training like Goku did, Vegeta will be able to learn sacred Metomoran techniques like Instant Transmission which would show Moro who's the boss between them.


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