Dragon Ball Super Sees Whis and Beerus React to Goku's Big Loss

Dragon Ball Super's latest chapter saw something truly rare occurrence in the series: Goku getting [...]

Dragon Ball Super's latest chapter saw something truly rare occurrence in the series: Goku getting his butt handed to him! Despite a major breakthrough with is godly Ultra Instinct powers, Goku still finds himself at a serious disadvantage while battling new villain Moro: Goku has only managed to master the lower Ultra Instinct Sign form, which is wildly unstable in its power drainage. Being ten million years old, and an enemy of the gods themselves, Moro not only recognizes Ultra Instinct - he knows its limits all too well. That puts Goku in a perilous position - one that is noticed all over the cosmos, including by Beerus and Whis!

Warning - Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 60 SPOILERS Follow!

To Goku's credit, he gives it his all in the fight against Moro, going all-out with his full Ultra Instinct Sign powers. Goku's bet is that he can beat the clock, and takedown Moro with Ultra Instinct before the power burns out. However, as stated, Moro's ancient age, power, and knowledge allow him to take what Goku fires at him, without even suffering a scratch. Eventually, Goku pours it all into a desperate last power-boost attack, between his new teacher, the angel Merus, notes it's all for naught:

"This won't work. By relying on sheer power alone like this he can't make the most of Ultra Instinct's strength."

Sure enough, Goku begins to slow down until Moro is finally able to fry him with a throat blast, which leaves Goku grounded in his base form. Watching on, Whis notes to Beerus and Merus that "Sadly, it doesn't look like we'll be witnessing any miracles today." Merus notes, "It wasn't supposed to go like this," but Beerus is a professional. The Destroyer God doesn't lose a moment of composure, immediately changing topics to his favorite subject: food:

"Hey Whis, I said I'm starving," Beerus growls. "I wanna chow down on something tasty."

Dragon Ball Super Manga 60 Beerus Whis Scene

(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

Now on the surface, Beerus looks to be keeping with his usual crabby Destroyer self, but there's a nice deeper subtext to the moment. Despite their neutral obligations, Beerus and Whis have become attached to Goku during Dragon Ball Super, and they do care about his fate, fighting Moro. Like many of his, when Beerus is stressed (or faking not being stressed) he likes to eat his feelings. Hence the need for some especially "tasty" food.

Question is: how much of a threat could Moro become to Beerus himself?

You can read new Dragon Ball Super chapters online HERE. The Anime is still on hiatus.