Here’s How ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Will Approach Bulma Following Hiromi Tsuru’s Death

It has been less than a week since news of Hiromi Tsuru’s passing reached fans, and many are [...]

It has been less than a week since news of Hiromi Tsuru's passing reached fans, and many are still mourning the loss. The actress, who was well-known for voicing Bulma, passed away suddenly from natural causes at just 57. Fans naturally began to wonder how Dragon Ball Super would continue without the beloved star, and it seems like Toei Animation is still trying to answer that for themselves.

In the wake of Tsuru's death, reports have started to trickle out of Japan regarding Dragon Ball Super's future. The anime is currently in the midst of the 'Universal Survival' saga as Goku's comrade fight in the Tournament of Power. Bulma has left to wait for her husband back on Earth, so the heroine isn't expected to reappear any time soon. However, when she does, a new report says Bulma may still be voiced by Tsuru.

Over on Twitter, scans of a Japanese newspaper informed fans about Toei Animation's contingency plans. Translator Ken Xyro shared the news which you can read below:

"Although she's not made an appearance in recent episodes, there's a possibility that Bulma's pre-recorded lines will air in future episode(s). The matter is currently being discussed in the agency."

For fans of Dragon Ball, it is hard to imagine anyone else voicing Bulma in its Japanese dub. Tsuru was the original voice actress to play the Capsule Corps heiress, and she never strayed far from Bulma after landing the gig. Tsuru worked closely with iconic Dragon Ball stars like Masako Nozawa and Ryo Horikawa over the years. Toei Animation may find in-house talent who can take over Bulma's role moving forward, but there is also a chance the company may hold auditions to recast the heroine.

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