Did 'Dragon Ball Super' Break The Fourth Wall With This Upsetting Line?

The latest episode of Dragon Ball Super didn’t want to end before fans shed some tears. The anime saw two important universes get annihilated by the Omni-Kings, but the loss of Universe 6 was the heaviest to shoulder. And, if fans are right, then Beerus dealt with Champa’s death real hard.

If you watched to the end of Dragon Ball Super’s latest episode, then you saw Champa have his final moment with Beerus. The twin Gods of Destruction faced one another as Champa prepared to have his existence wiped from the multiverse. When he called out to Beerus, the Universe 7 deity turned only to have Champa stick his tongue out before being erased.

In the following moments, fans watched as Beerus continued to stare at the place his brother was once at. No words were said between the pair, but Beerus did break the silence after a moment when he turned back to the arena. The stoney God of Destruction simply said, “Say something,” right before the narrator chimed in with his final bit.

While the moment could all come down to timing, Dragon Ball fans are feeling confident Beerus broke the fourth wall to get out of showing grief for Champa. The Universe 7 god appeared to command the narrator to speak and wrap the episode to keep it from dragging out Champa’s loss. The timing between Beerus’ curious words and the narrator’s return is hard to overlook, and fans think it would make sense for the god to deflect attention from himself after the elimination.


Of course, there are plenty of other fans who think Beerus directed his words to Champa. The god did not get to say anything to the Universe 6 deity before he was killed, and Beerus might have been annoyed by that. Champa spent his last moments making fun of Beerus, and the latter could have said “Say something” as a chastisement over his brother’s foolish behavior. After all, why couldn't Champa have said something touching instead of mocking Beerus as usual?

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