Dragon Ball Super Preview Sets Up Deadly Fallout From Granolah's Attack

Dragon Ball Super saw Granolah unleash his strongest attack yet with the previous chapter of the series, and an early preview looking to the next chapter of the series is setting the stage for the fallout of such a powerful move! The Granolah the Survivor arc has reached its climax as the previous chapter saw Goku, Vegeta, and Granolah working together to deal the final blow to Gas. But given as how the Heeter was by far the main threat in the arc overall, there are still some things to work out before the arc can come to an end overall.

All eyes have been on Dragon Ball Super's next chapter as with Gas' defeat in the previous release, there has been a wonder as to what would happen next. With Elec still moving around and the Heeters still being a threat overall, Goku and the others are far from being in the clear. This is especially true for Granolah as after he shot out his powerful blast against Gas, the early drafts for the first few pages from Chapter 87 of the series (as noted by @Herms98 on Twitter) tease that Granolah's attack should have cost him his life: 

The first look at Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87 reveals that Granolah is feeling the impact from his supercharged blast against Gas, and explains that the attack would normally cost the fighter their lives. But it's likely that his wish has made him strong enough to withstand the impact, but it also likely still wore down the remaining life force that he has left. It's here that Goku and Vegeta find out about the lifespan cost Granolah had for his wish, and thus will likely reveal how they feel about such a cost as the rest of the new chapter continues to flesh out the aftermath of the arc. 

The Granolah the Survivor arc has yet to completely end, but while the main fight might be over it's clear that something else just might be on the way. If it's anything like the set up for the current arc, then the final moments of this story will lead directly into what is coming in the next major arc. It was previously scheduled to start sometime this year, and thus makes each chapter that much more intriguing. 

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